CellCeuticals: biomedical skin treatments


What is it?

Extreme Defense Anti-Cell Damage Skin Treatment is a powerful antioxidant treatment that works during the day to help defend skin against age-promoting free radicals.

What does it do?

This preventative treatment contains targeted antioxidants to help prevent cellular oxidative stress that may cause skin damage.

Clinical Facts

Based on a 30 subject, eight-week, independent clinical study, this treatment used with the CellCeuticals Skin Treatment System diminishes visible wrinkles by 36%, decreases the appearance of the deepest wrinkle depth by 45%, refines skin texture by 31% and reduces skin redness by 87%

Power Performance Ingredients

  • Vitamins C, E & Green Tea provide antioxidant protection.
  • Aloe Vera, Bisabolol & Panthenol (vitamin B5) provide skin soothing properties.
  • Natural Almond, Avocado, and Sunflower Oils replenish essential skin lipids.
  • Beta Glucan & Gliadin provide skin soothing and firming properties.
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Who can use it?

The ultimate preventative anti-aging treatment for all ages and skin types.